Our Approach

Always Clinical

Our Approach

Enhance, centralise, and automate your clinical trial process with our Neonstone portals. Empower your medical professionals with improve referral tracking, resource management and pre-screening tools. Spend less time administrating each process and more time finalising your clinical trials.


Initial planning is imperative to ensuring that the delivery of the clinical trial is completed as efficiently as possible. Using our long-term experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we produce a clear and concise budget approval estimate on the overall site portal with the clients, whilst building a detailed work order which maintains the flow of development throughout each process.


Our team produces a detailed Functional Specifications Document (FSD) which depicts all the technical standards that are followed throughout the development process. Our team are in constant connection with the clients, including professional reviews and approval meetings to guarantee that the specifications are fully meeting functional requirements.


We collaborate and iterate through design phases producing three professional designs, all with designs that match the initial client branding for clients to choose from. Simple but effective paper and wireframe designs are produced, which outlines the information containing on each page. Brand Identity Design is performed to ensure the overall brand successfully communicates clearly with client target audiences.


Clients can rest assure and let Neonstone do all the heavy lifting. By using an iterative approach with regular standups and retrospectives, we implement the approved design using the latest and greatest web technologies, so you don’t have to.

Software Testing

Driven by 10 years of experience in software testing, we promote to meet high user demands by performing two testing phases; Quality Assurance and Use Acceptance Testing (UAT). Quality Assurance testing is expertly performed by our sophisticated QA team, measuring the code coverage in the process. UAT is executed with the clients to ensures that portals are working according to business logic and specific requirements, and so that the most secure and accessible platform is produced.


A detailed launch plan is produced to help ensure a smooth introduction to the market has been made, this includes regular support emails to clients which eases the push-to-live phase. But it doesn’t just end there! Our service continues as client support never fades away, with post-launch email supports for necessary protocol amendments. The aim is to ensure that portals are fully functioning at its highest capacity even after launch.