Functionality that Works

Public Facing Portals (Patient Referral Portals)

Gathering potential candidates for clinical trials has never been easier. Our Patient Referral Portals has been built with simplicity in mind, allowing candidates to refer themselves to medical professionals for clinical trials.

The portals contain a plethora of tools which makes it simple to gather approved candidates prior to the trials. These features include soft pre-screener, site locator and site staff referral tracking tools.

SiteConnect Portals

Concentrate on the information that matters. We bring all your clinical data into one simplistic portal, reducing the overall time necessary to get the information you require.

Patient Recruitment Portals ensure that accessing the study is streamline as possible. It is essential for medical professionals are built to increase patient retention, automating the clinical trial process is the simplest way possible.

Clinical Education Portals

All the training you need in one place. Clinical Education Portals contain a wide variety of training courses to gain official eligibility for managing clinical trials.

This portal gains site compliance with protocols and ensuring all users are certified, while making it as easy as ever to gain all the training you need to participate in clinical trials.

Bespoke Clinical Portals

Want an external portal that specialises in additional features?

Neonstone has got you covered! With our consistent partnership with clients, we also offer to produce custom built portals for their unique demands. Whether that’s a feature which gains a full audit history, or end-to-end encryption on clinical information, we use the RAD approach to provide clients with the services they desire.